Server IP

Account FAQ

If you have gotten banned, that means you have broken one of our in-game server rules. Your ban note will be stated when you attempt to join the server. To appeal for your ban, check out the #ban-appeal channel on our Discord server.

To obtain the Member rank, you must write an introduction on our Discord server. Follow this guide.

The Member+ rank can be obtained by voting for the server. Check out our vote page for more information about the Member+ rank and how to get it!

After typing /reward, your Member+ rank will last for 24 hours. It can be reactivated by voting again.

Since the vote counts reset every month, everyone starts at level 1 again at the beginning of a new month.

Donations are highly appreciated but not asked for. If you wish to donate to the server, you can do so by purchasing a Donator rank! Check out our store here!

The trusted rank can be gained through in-game activity, good behaviour, and helpfulness on the server. Trusted+ can also be gained for similar reasons, granted you are already Trusted. This rank has more commands than regular Trusted, and requires more dedication to the server.

You can apply for becoming in-game staff here. To apply, you must be at least Trusted or Donator and meet all other requirements stated on the application.

Gameplay FAQ

If you are unable to move, that means you are unregistered. To register, you must type /register "password" into the chat. After that, type /login “same password” to successfully create an account on the server.

If you are unable to register, your characters name is most likely taken. To fix this, simply make a new character with a different unique name.

Once you have registered on the server, you should be able to obtain items through the /i command. The correct syntax for the command is /i "item name" amount prefix, eg. /i "Terra Blade" 1 legendary.

There is a small number of items which are banned from use on ShadowRain, and you will get stoned upon trying to use them. These items are typically banned due to their ability to destroy terrain/builds, their overpoweredness in PvP, or because they cause lag when spammed. A complete list of these items can be found here.

If your house has been griefed, you can report it to a staff member either in-game or in the #report channel on our Discord server. Please state your builds coordinates and provide a screenshot while filing a report.

To protect your structure, use /house define. Instructions will appear in the chat. After you have followed all of the instructions, your house region will be created, meaning nobody else can edit your house apart from you.

If you want to fight bosses, you can do so at /warp boss. If you are not a Donator 2, Donator 3 or staff member, you will have to get someone with either of these ranks to spawn mobs or a boss for you. Monsters can only be fought within the designated arenas, with a limit of 5 pre-hardmode/3 hardmode bosses and 200 mobs.

To fight other players, please go to /warp pvp. PvPing will not be tolerated outside of the designated arenas, and especially not at spawn.

All past ShadowRain maps can be downloaded from here.