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When voting, remember to always use your exact in-game username!

You gain the Member+ rank by voting for ShadowRain at You can vote once every day. The more time you vote, the higher your Member+ rank becomes.

The Member+ ranks all have the features from the Trusted rank, except the permission of applying to become Staff.

Thanks for voting!

Member+ 1

  • /us color - user can set their in-game text color.
  • /tpallow - enables teleportation protection.
  • /creativemode - When enabled, players are permanently buffed with specific buffs that help out with building and will have infinite building materials until it is disabled.
  • /heal - heals your hp to max.
  • /more or /more all - fills up single/all items in your inventory to max stack.
  • The ability to use Rod of Discord.
  • /ptime (day/noon/night/midnight/off) - Sets your personal time to the given time.
  • /facepalm - Facepalm!
  • /faceplant - Faceplant and die...
  • /baby - Make a baby with someone!
  • /lo - Check when a player was last online.

Member+ 2

  • /h or /history - hit a block to see the history of it.

Member+ 3

  • /buff - user can buff self-using a command.

Member+ 4

  • /rain - user can start & stop rain.

Member+ 5

  • All commands from Member+ 4 & the ability to move npcs.

Member+ 6

  • /slap - the user can slap other players.

Member+ 7

  • /godmode - user can get invincible.
  • User has a reserved slot when the server is full.

Member+ 8

  • /warp add - user can add warps.

Member+ 9

  • /time (time) - user can set time. Example /time 12:00.

Member+ 10

  • /grow - user can instantly grow plants, using a command!
  • /us suffix - user can set a custom suffix that will appear after their name when writing in-game.

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